The Healer Amber Bracelet


This listing is for one (1) “The Healer” bracelet. This bracelet is made with genuine Baltic Sea Amber in 3 tones, clear quartz, 14k gold filled beads and closure.


Amber aids with Pain and inflammation, generating positive energy, self-esteem, cleansing, stress relief, increasing life force, relieving anxiety, warding off others’ energy (a great one for empathetic people).

Clear Quartz

This “Eternal Ice” sent down by the gods has been long known through antiquity for possessing magical powers. This stone is said to be one of the more predominant power stones bringing one healing. It is also known as the ‘Universal Stone’ due to its many different benefits which include: bringing balance, helping romance, stabilizing one’s environment and also to heal fatigue, injuries, arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia and mental health. It is the birthstone for Aries and is beneficial for the Crown Chakra. This stone also helps to amplify the properties of any stones paired with it.

All our bracelets are charged on our selenite tablet so they are ready to use when you receive them.

No returns or exchanges once the item ships.

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