Moon Phase: Crazy Lace Agate Charm

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This listing is for our handcrafted Crazy Lace Agate charm (bracelet not included).

Use this charm when you need help with protection from outside energies, help with grounding, help with going with the flow through difficult times, recovering from exhaustion or fatigue, increasing your emotional stability, releasing attachments to things that no longer serve you, inner strength, Balancing your emotional, physical and intellectual energies, Harmonizing Yin and Yang energies in the body, Encouraging clear decision making, dealing with unresolved emotional pain, finding laughter and joy, Increasing stamina and physical energy, Promoting vitality, Enhancing creativity, sinking into your creative flow.

Please be patient as all items will be made to order.

This charm comes with 14k gold filled clasp and Crazy Lace Agate Bead crystal. Charms are all charged on our selenite charging tablet before you receive them so they are ready to use as soon as you open your package. 

No returns or exchanges once packages ship. Color may vary.

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1 review for Moon Phase: Crazy Lace Agate Charm

  1. Kendra Jones

    I mI mean how could I pass up a stone with these amazing healing properties!!! I got this one for work at first because my job is fast paced with much responsibility. I felt the difference the moment I put it on!!! I’m not exhausted and I’m pretty leveled when things get tough. Then I realized how much it helps in private life too. Releasing things is not easy. This definitely helps with that.

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