Handmade Coconut Scrubbers (3-pack)


If you are looking for a more earth friendly way to scrub those dishes, look no further than our coconut coir scrubbers! Each scrubber is handmade using the coir of coconuts. Each one is hand stitched with cotton cording.

These scrubbers are less abrasive than a wire scrub pad or a green pad but equally as tough. Over time these will break down and what ever is left can be put into the compost bin!

Color and size may vary. Not recommended for use as a body scrubber. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO COCONUTS. While cleaning the water may turn brown but don’t worry that is just the natural colors of the coir in the water. Some dust may come from the coir as it is a natural, raw material.

All items are handmade so please be patient as we make you some amazing natural products.

No returns, exchanges or refunds after item has been shipped.

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