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This listing is for one (1) “Ancient Protection” bracelet. This bracelet is made with Obsidian, Lapiz Lazuli, Tigers Eye and clear quartz for amplification as well as 14k gold filled beads and closure.


The protection stone, being known to shield one from negative energy, psychic attacks and spiritual influences. It is known as one of the more powerful protection stones and dates back to Mayan cultures who used this volcanic glass similarly as well as forming it into weapons and shields making it quite literally the protection stone. It is associated with the base chakra, keeping one grounded and clearing the energy so one can stay rooted.

Clear Quartz

This “Eternal Ice” sent down by the gods has been long known through antiquity for possessing magical powers. This stone is said to be one of the more predominant power stones bringing one healing. It is also known as the ‘Universal Stone’ due to its many different benefits which include: bringing balance, helping romance, stabilizing one’s environment and also to heal fatigue, injuries, arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia and mental health. It is the birthstone for Aries and is beneficial for the Crown Chakra. This stone also helps to amplify the properties of any stones paired with it.

Tigers Eye

This protection stone gets its name from its unique formation to end up looking like the eye of a tiger or feline. It is known to help focus one’s mind and promote mental clarity, giving the person the energy and willpower needed to take on difficult tasks. This stone aids the Sacral Chakra but can also assist in other areas depending on it’s colors due to formation. It has been known but ancient civilizations to help release toxins in the organs and give positive healing energy to the reproductive system.

Lapiz Lazuli

This stone is one of the oldest opaque gemstones in history. It has an extensive history, being used by all the cultures of antiquity for art even as Cleopatra’s famed eye shadow or as paint in the Sistine Chapel. All these ancient cultures associated the stone with strength, courage, royalty, wisdom, intellect and truth. It was also used by many to ward off evil. It can be associated with the brow chakra which influences vision and hearing and can balance the chakra against headaches, anxiety and skin disorders.

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