About Me


Hello everyone! My Name is Andrea Diaz and I am a mother of two determined to show you all that moms can be stylish, fashionable and dare I say Sexy, in the skin we are in. I am not a perfect person and never will I ever be and that is what is important, learning to love yourself as you are. I hope to inspire through this blog. I hope that every person that sees this will get up and get dressed and just love their own uniqueness no matter what. Along with that I will be dropping some recipes because part of loving you is FEEDING yourself! 

I picked up sewing because I wanted a pair of leggings. I didn’t want to pay so much money to have the same gear as everyone else so i decided to make my own. Here I am 7 years later still learning new things and making a little bit of everything! Don’t be shy and say hello! Join me in my journey of sewing and cooking and what ever else my little heart desires!

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