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As some of you may know, I recently started Self love coaching. What is that you ask? Well, it’s me, a person that has been on this journey extending my hand back to those wanting to take this journey more seriously. Ok, let me clarify, my journey is FAR from over and I haven’t “been” on this journey because I am STILL on it. The best part about getting yourself a self love coach is that we have already seen some of the things you have gone through. While we are NOT therapists, we are experienced in life and figuring out how to best give yourself grace when you feel like you can’t. We can help talk you through tough situations and help you see things from another perspective.

With that said, I do want to provide a few free items here and there for you all to work on and kind of “dip your toes in” so to speak. For this blog post, I want to speak just briefly enough about the Inner Critic to help you get through this free worksheet.

The inner critic is a part of us that in its own weird way tries to keep us safe from “danger” or uncomfortable situations or heartbreak by…. Well being mean to us. For example, I have a tough time staying focused and I take that as procrastination and THAT turns into “ugh you are so lazy, that’s why you are always stuck where you are”. In a way, I do have a fear of beginning new things due to past traumas of always having to drop what I start because of my home life. My inner critic is, in its own weird way, trying to save me from that drama. If I talk myself out of it by saying I’m incapable, then I won’t have to feel the fear and anxiety and the “what if”.

We can call this “beating ourselves up” and I know we ALL do it!

Strategies to stop the inner critic would first start by recognizing that voice. Knowing what triggers that critic. Then stopping it by a form of “debunking” the lie you tell yourself. I in fact know that I AM NOT lazy. So once my inner critic starts, I immediately follow up with, “but i’m not lazy, I know I am a hard worker”. It’s good to have truths lined up with the things that your inner critic commonly lies to you about. DO NOT treat your inner critic like trash by telling it to shut up because REMEMBER, this is part of you. Another way is asking yourself important questions such as “what is really the truth here?” or “what am I afraid of?”

I know I said BRIEFLY so here we go, use THIS FREE WORKSHEET to do some work on this inner critic. Download it, print as many copies as you need and do the exercise with as many critic quotes as you have and then let me know how it goes. NO, this will not stop it once and for all BUT it WILL make you aware that you do it, when you do it and you will know to give yourself grace, lessening the pain and suffering your inner critic puts you through and THAT my friends is healing and self love. 


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