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Hello Everyone! I am back on my blog today to tell you about my new CELESTIAL LOVE NECKLACE SETS. Yes this blog is totally different from what I have been doing here and I am feeling better from my last blog. I have been on a downward spiral for a while now and I finally feel like I am trying to find my way back up. I have decided to go back to doing the things I enjoy and that is creating. 

I know you must be like what are you talking about sewing IS creating. Well I have felt like I have been backed into a corner BECAUSE I sew. That, honestly, has made me want to get away from sewing more than ever. I went back to jewelry making and this is just the beginning of something I have in the works. You can definitely expect more jewelry coming to Andrea Naturally.

I want my Jewelry to be based around reminders of healing and love and self awareness and this is where the celestial love necklace set was born. I have been obsessing with celestial bodies lately and this was something I used to obsess over as a child. I was in love with the moon and the stars. With the celestial love necklace I want people to remember that life goes through phases (moon), like the tides, our lives have their ups and their downs. Life is a cycle and we need to remember to be gentle with ourselves and let ourselves go through these motions and these phases. We need to be able to experience our lives fully, by that I mean even the bad parts. Getting help is ok, not being ok is ok, just know that you will feel full and energized once again, it IS possible don’t give up.

 The set also reminds us to love (heart). I have gone through so much in the past few years that I now struggle with love. I recently started asking myself if I am even capable of loving myself or anyone for that matter.I have let everything that has happened get in the way of that love. I literally couldn’t even go near anything that represented or attracted any type of love. I didn’t want it and now I am accepting the idea that loving hard and deeply like I do is not a bad thing. That what happened wasn’t my fault for me to be punishing myself and removing a source of happiness or even a piece of myself from myself. 

This set is also a reminder that we should keep shining (star). Despite all the darkness we face we should always try our hardest to keep shining. Yes you should cry, be mad, throw a fit and do whatever you need to express your emotions but never ever forget that you are a unique individual. Never let anything take YOU away from YOU. You are the ONLY you that exists in this world. You don’t see stars in the sky dulling their shine because another star shines brighter. They all shine in their own divine light and when we observe them from down here on this earth we observe each and everyone of them for their individual beauty. 

Yes a necklace set has reminded me of all of this and I hope that it can serve as a reminder for anyone that is going through it as well.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. February 21, 2021 / 10:43 am

    I’m in love with what this necklace means to you! To manifest those feelings into something physically tangible is powerful! I’m happy you are getting back to a you that more accepting of love. Love is sooo easy to give and I recently realized I to had a difficult time receiving it. Thoughts are feelings come and go so easily. I liked that you have this as a constant reminder. You know I keep my “Fearless” necklace on at all times and I also have the tattoo. To remind to fear less, trust the process and my instincts. Thanks for sharing Andrea! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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