FibreMood Agatha Dress and Olga Earrings

Hello everyone and welcome back! Today I want to talk to you all about TWO FibreMood patterns. One pattern is a macrame pattern and the other is a sewing pattern. Both patterns can be purchased HERE, using my affiliate link. First let’s start with the Olga Earrings!

The Olga earrings are DIY macrame earrings. They have a beautiful and elegant look. I mean look at the picture of them. You have the option of making them in three different styles with instruction on how to make them and if you are new to knots, the pattern also teaches you how to make these knots. I have had past experience with macrame but it was nice to have this refresher, especially because I don’t know the knots by name (lol)! Macrame earrings are trending at the moment so I would highly suggest this pattern. My favorite part is that you can repurpose an old pair of plain hoop earrings for this one and it looks great! The pattern also includes a link to a DIY video, it can’t get any easier than that!

Now let’s talk about the Agatha dress. I want to start with the fact that you can isolate your specific size when you print the PDF version by using the layers button. I was able to print JUST my size out. This option also allows you to print it with or without your seam allowances. I thought this came in handy when it came down to cutting it out. No more having to figure out which is my seam allowance line. 

The pattern is so easy to put together. After I glued together my PDF pattern and cut my fabric I think it took me a total of about one and a half hours of sewing. I absolutely enjoyed making this dress because of how beautiful the outcome is in such little time. For my fabric I chose a laser cut scuba fabric as this pattern is made for stretch knits. I really love all things beach and tropical related so I wanted to make something I can wear to the beach on vacation but also for a walk around town near that beach (lol). The best part is I can wear a slip dress or a bathing suit underneath and wear it for two completely different occasions. In these pictures I am wearing a colorful bathing suit. 

I would recommend this pattern to anyone that has had experience with stretch knits. It is pretty beginner friendly for those people who have worked with stretch knits before. My favorite part is that with most stretch knits you don’t really have to hem them because they don’t fray. Since my fabric was laser cut I left it unhemmed to keep it from looking awkward and that saved me a ton of time. By the way I cannot leave without mentioning that sleeve, gorgeous. I would definitely make this dress again.

Thank you so much for joining me for this post and I hope to catch you at the next one! Make sure you follow me over on Instagram @andreanaturally

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