When Bloggers Unite: The Erica Dress

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog post! I am so excited about this collaboration because I got to work with one of my favorite sewing bloggers and friend, Johanna from www.soveryjo.com, AGAIN! Last time we collaborated, I was pushing her out of her comfort zone with my choice of fabric, check it out here. This time, Johanna was pushing me out of my comfort zone with her choice in pattern for this collab. Let me just say I adore her for pushing me and believing in me.

To start, this collab was extremely last minute! Jo was going to be here in Boston for Thanksgiving and we KNEW we were going to hang out but we DIDN’T know that we were going to collaborate. Recently, Erica Bunker and Stylesewme released the Erica dress. While I was so excited about them releasing a pattern together, the pattern wasn’t quite my style. I was planning on buying it in the future just to show support. I ended up buying it earlier than expected. Jo already had her Erica Dress cut out and she really wanted to collaborate. After much deliberation and a coupon code, I bought the pattern and got to work.

For the dress, I chose a crushed velvet fabric that has been in my stash since forever and I really needed it to be used up. I had to work from my stash because I have been trying to reduce it by using up as many scraps and fabrics in it as I can. The Erica Pattern is very straightforward and is very flattering on the figure and I can’t forget those slits! My only issue was getting the neckline right. Besides the neckline, the pattern was a quick sew and the end result is beautiful. It took me one day of sewing to complete it and I was taking my time between steps.

Now let’s talk about our collab. Jo made a stunning floral print version of the dress. Her fabric was also navy blue but with red flower details. I absolutely loved her version. My version was plain enough for me to add my own little pop to it. I added a rainbow necklace and earrings and my very own handmade circle bag in watermelon print. Jo and I are both Boston Girls and we went into Downtown Boston on Thanksgiving day. There was barely a soul there and it was great. We were able to go into the subway for some cool pics. We also got to take pics in front of a place we BOTH remember visiting after school – The Corner Mall. While Jo was feeling the chills on such a windy cold day (she lives in Florida now), we both ended up having a ton of fun and we got some pretty amazing pictures, don’t you think?

Make sure you check out Jo’s blog here and her Instagram here to check out her version of the Erica Dress.

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