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Hey everyone and welcome! This week’s post is a very special post. First NO it was not released on a Monday as usual, instead we are here on a WEDNESDAY bringing you this amazing collaboration with Johanna from soveryjo.com! I have known Jo on Instagram for a while now and this was my first time meeting her in person. A couple of months ago she reached out and told me she would be in Boston and we were so excited to be able to meet and we agreed to collaborate to make it even more amazing. I had so much fun choosing the fabric and then the build up to the meet was like a rush. If you are a blogger and have friends in your niche, I suggest reaching out to them whenever you are in their area. There is nothing like meeting someone you have a connection with online and it actually being exactly as you imagined it; both sharing love on a common subject. Jo and I had a ton of fun, she was so receptive of my direction and let me take the lead on ideas while also boosting me and amping me up for my photos. It was just magical right down to the two completely different styles with the same exact fabric. I hope that you all can see the fun we had through these photos and also click on over to her page to take a look at her awesome creation and while you are at it, follow us both on social media to see more! Now onto the creative process and pattern.

For this collaboration I wanted to recreate a pattern that I made back in 2015. I started sewing in 2013 and never tried a store bought pattern until 2014-2015. This was one of the first ever patterns I made and I made it with stretch, velvet fabric. I loved it so much (and so did my followers) that I decided this collab would be the perfect time to do so especially since the fabric we chose was a beautiful stretch Panne Fabric from Joann Fabrics which has the feel of a velvet like fabric but with good stretch! 

For this beautiful dress, I used McCall’s pattern number M6884. This is one of my favorite patterns, so much so that I even hacked (my first ever pattern hack) it into a faux wrap Crop top and I plan on making another and blogging about it in the future. This pattern is as easy as it says on the pattern envelope and has a few different views you can choose from. My favorite is the long version with long sleeves. I always feel like the long version with sleeves always makes me look longer and taller and it just looks amazing when you have it on. It even gives you a boost of confidence with a slit, you definitely feel goddess like. With that said, make sure you make the proper size for you because if you go too small the slit will pull and it will be way higher than you would want it to be (the reason I can’t wear the original green one pictured on my Instagram). 

Once again, follow us both on social media as we may have another collab in the future, this time in Florida! We are not 100% sure when but you won’t want to miss it when it happens! I hope you all enjoyed this collaboration!

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  1. September 25, 2019 / 5:30 pm

    You are just the sweetest thing and I love what we created. We truly created magic. Thank you for doing this with me and I can’t wait to do this all over again!

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