The Rainbow Olive Jumpsuit

I don’t know about you all but where I live, it is starting to feel like fall! We have been having cooler mornings and evenings and it has been warmer during the day. This is that awkward time between summer and fall where you don’t know if bringing a jacket is 100% necessary. Where you may be cold in the morning but roast for the rest of the day. Meaning, that this is the perfect time for transitional pieces! Like my colorful olive jumpsuit and kimono.

Let’s get into the pattern first. I used the “Olive jumpsuit” pattern by Untitled Thoughts, an indie pattern, to create this beautiful piece. I have to say this pattern was amazing to put together. My favorite part was that you can turn off layers in the PDF and isolate just your sizes. My least favorite part was that it was a seventy something page PDF, I ALMOST gave up (lol), but in that pattern you get all the pieces you need for all the different options of this pattern. There is a “braless” low back option for the bodice and for the bottom it comes in wide, tapered and shorts making this pattern easy to bring into the fall with you (or this awkward in between season). I believe that sizing runs well with this one and I’ve noticed sizing with indie patterns have been better than the big 4 patterns (is it just me?). I do suggest measuring yourself before EVERY make and to grade the pattern if needed. I had to grade mine in the waist for a better fit. After I had it all cut out, construction was a breeze and it was very easy to put together. I would definitely be pulling this pattern out again in the spring.

Now, let’s talk about the kimono. For the kimono I used new look pattern 6476. I used a drapey lightweight almost curtain like fabric. This fabric did not want to be anything other than a flat piece of fabric because I had a pretty hard time with it. First, I did not have enough I had to cut it horizontally to the grain. Then, no matter which needle I used a lot of the punctures cause RUNS in the fabric (I was able to pull a lot of them back to normal). Lastly, I had to go through it ALL to create a nice neat hem. I tried sewing it but it kept slipping and creating a crooked uneven hem, so I used bias interfacing and fusible hemming tape to make all the hems, including the sleeves, even and clean. I even messed up a shoulder seam because the fabric was so slippery it slipped in while I was serging my sleeves, luckily it isn’t a huge noticeable mistake and either way, I was going to wear it because I made it lol! Even after the hard time I had with my fabric, this pattern was easy and quick to make. I actually would recommend it to all levels of sewing including beginners because of how easy it is to put together.

Now I want to go ahead and say that this outfit, to me, was dreamy in the most colorful way possible. So to make it stand out more, I made sure I went to a dreamy location. When I dream up a look I also dream up the location for it and this bridge was the perfect place to shoot! I hope you all enjoyed this look and I hope you all try out the olive jumpsuit because it really is an amazing pattern. See you all at the next post!

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