Lavender Pattern Review

Today I have a pattern Review for you all! I had the chance to test the Lavender Dress pattern by Glasshouse Patterns before its release. Let me tell you this dress is a beautiful summery dress that comes in a few different versions and lengths. There are 6 versions total, Midi length dress with or without the ruffle, both of these in maxi length and two tops one with a ruffle shoulder the other without, and they are all equally as beautiful. See the photo of the options below.

I chose to make version 6 which is the top without the ruffle shoulder. Originally I wanted to make the ruffle one but I did not have enough yardage to make the ruffle. I feel like I only had two real issues with this top. The first was the fit. I went with the finished measurements that closely matched my sizing and since it was supposed to be a loose fit I wasn’t 100% sure if i should slightly size down for a better fit, so I didnt. Once the top was almost complete I realized it was way too big on me so I took it in a bit and it was still pretty large on me (as seen in the pictures). I feel like for this dress I would go down a couple of sizes due to the loose fit. I would suggest maybe making a wearable muslin for this and grading the pattern to fit just keeping in mind it is a loose fitting pattern. The second issue was really nothing, just me being picky, I felt like the tie for the dress didn’t sit at my natural waist but about an inch or so too low. I ended up not even adding carriers for the tie so I had the liberty to put it up higher where I wanted, granted, I didn’t even use the tie, I belted the top instead. 

Despite the two little issues I had I will say that I really enjoyed this testing phase. The pattern was really quick to make and I can say it has the potential to be a heavily rotated basic as a top during the spring and summer and maybe even layered in the fall. I styled it in more of a “fall” way and I can definitely picture this in many different colors and prints layered under cardigans or over button ups like I did! I will be making the dress version once spring starts to roll back around because I really LOVE the “v” shaped detail at the bottom of the bodice. Another thing I would do with this top would be to make the shoulder straps standard as opposed to tie straps just to make layering easier with cardigans. I love that this pattern had so many options and can potentially be hackable and I am sure you all can tell I love that iI can make a basic top with it, I need more basics in my wardrobe.

Overall, I enjoyed the testing phase and I believe the lavender pattern is one I will be using again for both dress versions and to make basic tops. I suggest making wearable muslins or sizing down a bit due to the loose fit as well. Lastly, leaving the carriers out wouldn’t be too bad because you can place the ties or a belt where you want it or just size down and wear the top without the ties. 

Expect to see this pattern again at some point in my journey. Thank you for reading!

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