Back to The 90s (Again)

In this week’s blog, I am once again paying homage to the 90’s because; well, the 90’s were the best years and it just so happens that I was growing up during those times (lol). So just be forewarned that I will probably have a TON of 90s-ish looking things or I may style stuff as if I was still in those times (90s early 2000s). But am I the only one that feels like music and styles have also been trying to make its way back to the 90s lately? 

For this blog, I want to talk about OVERALLS! I have been wanting some overalls since summer started and why I didn’t make them until the end I will never know! I think I may have been intimidated by the construction of them or the topstitching on the denim. All I know is that after making them I don’t think I will ever be intimidated by making them ever again. It was SO MUCH easier than I was expecting! The only part, I have to admit, I DID NOT enjoy was switching between the top stitch thread and the regular thread for the seams. 

Now let’s move on to the pattern I used. For these amazing overalls, I used M7547 by McCalls Pattern company. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and I say this because I find myself getting lost looking at pattern diagrams sometimes and end up getting stuck. I DID NOT get stuck with this one; however, I do have a couple of things to say about this pattern. I feel that the measurements for the finished garment was a little misleading. The suggested fabrics do mention stretch denim but it also mentions just plain DENIM. I used DENIM without the stretch and let me tell you the fit was TIGHT. I believe I have to lose a few inches to actually wear these COMFORTABLY and I cut the largest size on my envelope which was a 14. I believe I needed a 16 or 18 despite the finished measurements of the 14 coming very close to my own measurements. If I were to make these again, I would (one) use stretch denim and (two) go up AT LEAST one whole size. I suggest you make a muslin of the pants and wait area before using your good fabric and DEFINITELY go with fabric that has a little give.

As for the hat, I got this Sorrento Bucket Hat Pattern  for FREE on the Elbe Textiles website. It was an amazing pattern to sew. The instructions were very straightforward and the pattern was only 3 pieces. This hat is also REVERSIBLE which is amazing! I love two in ones (just not shampoos). My hat; however, I can not reverse because for some reason my bobbin thread was not cooperating so it is a bit wavy at the bottom. Sizing for this hat runs from an extra small to large. I went with the medium but I could have probably gone with the small. 

BTS of me being silly, I always have a ton of pictures like this.

For styling, I went with my hair as straight as I could get it because, duh, 90’s (lol) and some yellow Reebok classics to pop the yellow on my top. As for the top, that will be reserved for another blog post as I was totally in love with it and did a change of clothes (in my car) for a second photo shoot. I feel like all I was missing was a gold chain to tie it all together and just look straight up 90’s Hip-hop (lol).

Any way! I hope you all enjoyed this look and I hope you join me on my next blog post! Thanks for reading!

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