Minnie In the City

The most epic meetup happened this past Saturday, June 8th. A ton of amazing women from our sewing community were brought together by the amazing Tabitha Sewer. She debuted her secret project as well, which was her very first pattern! I had the honor of being in attendance at this event and experienced being in the presence of amazing, empowered women of every shape, size, color and different levels of sewing experience. All of this took place on a beautiful rooftop in Brooklyn, New York and was hosted by OnSunday.co.

Of course, there was much preparation for this event. I started working on my dress about a month before the event. I really wanted a dress I could wear with sneakers and I had no clue what I would make. Since I told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore patterns until I sewed up most of the patterns in my stash, I went to the pile of patterns for inspiration. Out came pattern M6740, view C. I have had this pattern since 2013 and was too afraid of button ups until this year (2019).

When it came to fabric, I immediately thought of a denim loom for this dress and when I walked into my favorite fabric store I found a beautiful light, flowy, denim chambray fabric to use. Now, I found the fabric but I needed to make it pop. Right next to the denim I found polka dotted fabrics, Pink blue and red. Polka dots always remind me of Minnie Mouse so I tend to stay away from them. This time; however, I decided to take that idea and run with it. Then was born the idea of “urban Minnie” or “Minnie in the City”.

This pattern was very easy to make taking just about 2 days to assemble working very slowly and taking snack breaks very often (lol). The paneled dress made it very easy to color block for the perfect urban Minnie effect, not too much polka dots, not too much denim. The dress features seven (7) buttons down the front and double straps to hold it all up. I love the ease of putting this on and the versatility of the dress. It looked beautiful with sneakers and I believe it can look cute with almost any other footwear choice as well. The dress does have a little vintage vibe but is easily modernized by styling it.

Since I live in Boston and the weather here gets pretty unpredictable, I thought ahead to meet up day. Will it be chilly? Will it start as a warm day and then become too cold for no sleeves? I decided not to chance it and I made a matching bolero jacket using pattern M7257, view A by McCall’s pattern company, I had no idea how to color block this bolero but make it so I can also use it with different outfits so I decided to make it solid on both sides. This bolero would help keep my arms warm and the best part, it is reversible! I didn’t add a hook and eye to the bolero as stated in the pattern because I wanted to be able to reverse it. After I had all the final pieces together, I set out to find the perfect sneakers. I ended up opting for some yellow Reebok classics which paired flawlessly.

The best part of my outfit was that most of the people I encountered definitely got the “Minnie vibes” from my outfit, which was exactly my intention. At the end of it all, my look was colorful and bold just as the party required.

Just an FYI, my photos were taken prior to the visit to NYC right here in Boston as I wouldn’t have my husband with me to take my pictures in NYC. For photos from the event please check out my Instagram @andreanaturally!

Thanks for reading!

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