Neon Leaf Dreams

To be 100% honest, this dress was never in my sewing plans but when I saw this fabric, I HAD to have it. I am not one to let fabric I LOVE this much sit too long despite having a stash piling up in my room, I promise it all has “planned” projects pending.

I got this fabric from Tela Bella in Puerto Rico but I ordered it through their instagram @telabellapr and I received it in a timely manner and in great condition. I loved the fast shipping and the service I received despite them not having a website (which they really don’t need) they were kind and courteous and timely. I got the fabric without really knowing what I was going to make. I heard there was a sale on patterns at JoAnn’s so I went to pick up a COMPLETELY different pattern and when I walked to the pattern drawers there it was, the perfect pattern for this fabric made to work with stretch knits too! I automatically picked it up and that was that.

I came home and the following day decided to start on this project. A few things about this pattern, I must have picked up a prerelease version of the pattern because it wasn’t a regular Simplicity number. This one started with an R (R10121) and later I discovered the actual pattern number for it (S8835). The instructions for this version of the pattern had SO MANY typos and to make it even more annoying I chose the slipperiest fabric to work with! Also, the pattern doesn’t state that you need elastic in the notions section, you find out by getting to the step where the elastic is needed; luckily I have a little elastic stash. Also, a lot of the elastic this pattern calls for isn’t even really necessary. I omitted the elastic in the waist seams as they seemed very pointless to me, but hey that’s just me.

Nonetheless, the dress came out BEAUTIFULLY. The sleeves make it dreamy and the looseness on the bodice really give it a relaxed yet elegant feel. This dress would look completely different in a jersey knit fabric, more sporty, but the fabric I used really makes it look like an elegant night out dress. Like something you can wear to a wedding and not feel bummy or under dressed OR even OVER dressed in. This pattern may have had its issues but I definitely see myself making this dress again!

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