Color Block Madness

This look is inspired by the 90’s and for some reason I specifically had Will Smith in mind. He was always wearing colorful clothes back then and besides just about all the 90’s cartoons, The Fresh Prince of Bel-air was one of my top favorite shows. I am inspired by the era I was raised in and my island. The colors, the shininess, the crop tops – I love them all!

For this look I bought 1 yard of four different colored broadcloth cotton fabrics. Initially, this was only supposed to be a wearable muslin (inspired by the 90’s) for the Nikki Blazer by Style Sew Me but I ended up loving the idea of this color block blazer way more than I expected.

I have to say that sewing this pattern was pretty easy going, the only part I was worried about was matching the blue panel at the waist area to the blue stripe of the sleeve. I ended up making it match flawlessly. I took extreme care making this as I also possibly want to make it in a denim fabric I bought while I was in Saint Thomas. The broad cloth only cost me $1.99 a yard while the Denim was $16 a yard, you can imagine why I needed my “muslin” to be perfect. I didn’t line the muslin because I didn’t want the red to show through the coral color I used and red was the fabric I had already cut the lining out from.

Since I loved the color block blazer so much, I decided to make a pair of matching shorts! The shorts I made using the remnants of the fabrics I used to make the blazer. For these shorts I used the Penelope Pants pattern by Gina Renee Designs which I reviewed in my previous post. I did decide to make the whole outfit with contrasting thread because I just liked the white against the bright colors. I also decided to just wear a black tank top tied up to make it a crop so that one can see the ruffles at the top of the pants. My intention with the plain top was also to make it so that my makes really stuck out and there was nothing distracting from them. Since this was a 90’s inspired outfit, I went with some chunky sneakers and some plastic framed glasses to finish the look. Next time I may wear it with a screen tee, ripped jeans and some cute boots, the possibilities are endless!

I hope that you all enjoyed my 90’s vibes! See you all at the next blog post!

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  1. Angelina rivera
    July 25, 2019 / 7:59 pm

    Love 😍

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