Paper Bag Pants Tropical Look

Tropical and colorful are my things. Mainly due to the island my family came from. I didn’t grow up there, hell I wasn’t even born there but it has been in my blood. The color, the culture, the rhythm, it’s all in me and I tend to express it through what I make. So with that said, here is MORE of that palm leaf fabric I made our family look with!

For the pants, I used an indie pattern and I absolutely love this style. The Penelope pant pattern by @ginareneedesigns was a quick and easy make. She provides guides for the perfect fitting pattern and tells you how to take the pants in for a closer fit. There is NOTHING that this pattern is missing. The waist for these pants do have an elastic and I find her elastic suggestion for your waist size turns out to be the perfect fit as well. I get worried with elastic waist bands because I don’t like anything too tight around my belly or waist and this pattern hit it right on the head with the sizing suggestion.

The pants are a loose fitting pant but I used her suggestion for taking it in to make a “skinny” pant. This pattern provides many different ways to make you pant including: high waist with frill, standard waist with and without frill and even cuff options as well as length options. This is a pattern I can see myself making over and over and I feel like I can’t go wrong with it! I HIGHLY recommend this pattern. Also for all the people worried about indie patterns and understanding them like I used to be, this pattern provides color pictures (PDF version) of the designer putting these pants together So you always know what it is supposed to look like in person.

For the top, I used Simplicity 8549. I suggest going a size down with this pattern. My measurements fell right at the “medium” size but once I had it on, I had to make adjustments due to gapping. I adjusted it by taking it in right down the center front of the top about one inch. I do also have to go back and give it bust darts to make it an even better fit. I went with the tie back option in hopes that it would be easier to adjust by just tightening it but it’s not that simple. It is an easy sew but be aware that the size range you fall in may be bigger than you expect. Other than that, this pattern went perfectly with my theme which was tropical vacation vibes!

Vintage Carven bag Thrifted, Shoes from

For the look, I decided to “pop” the reds in the fabric print to break up the print a bit with a pop of color. I asked on IG if people would wear my outfit or if it was too much print. I had a lot of people tell me it was too much print but like I mentioned in my last blog, I never listen (lol). I really love this printful (new word) outfit and i hope you all did too!

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