My First Indie Pattern

I have finally sewn my very first indie pattern and it has opened up a whole new world for me. The pattern I made was the Erin dress by @stylesewme on Instagram. I usually overlook indie patterns because I am afraid I won’t understand the instructions or that they won’t be clear. That was probably the stupidest fear I’ve ever had. To be completely honest, since I have made the Erin dress, I have sewn two more indie patterns and noticed that the instructions are easier to follow than store bought ones.

Of course I haven’t sewn ALL the indie patterns but the few I have put together since the Erin dress have been very easy. One even had color step by step instructions of the pattern maker actually constructing the pattern. I feel like they are very user friendly and some even have sew-a-longs to go with them unlike the store bought ones.

For the Erin dress, I chose the view with the ties at the bottom and chose a very bold colorful print that reminded me of the 90’s, when being bold and extremely colorful was in. I loved that and I love color in an outfit (even though my everyday is black tee blue jeans lol).

If you have been thinking about sewing with indie patterns but something has been holding you back TRUST ME give it a shot, you may end up falling in love like I did. I am now on my third indie pattern and I have another standing by for when I find the perfect fabric for it. I am definitely going to be looking to support these indie pattern makers more in the future.


  1. Nadia
    April 8, 2019 / 5:24 pm

    Where is the fabric from?

    • andrea
      April 8, 2019 / 6:52 pm

      Hello! I got this fabric at a local discount fabric store last year. I have searched for it online and, unfortunately, haven’t been able to find anymore.

  2. Angelina Rivera
    July 25, 2019 / 7:51 pm


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