Macrame Belt

While I was thinking about how being creative comes naturally to me during the process of this Instagram name change. I was reminded by my best friend of my Maker’s Island article where I spoke on how far being a creator has gone in my family. With that said, I haven’t always just made clothing.

I started my creative journey with headbands and later moving to jewelry, which I spoke about in “makers island”. I want to highlight more than just my sewing on my IG so I went ahead and started making “OTHER” items. One of those is a macrame belt!

To make this belt, I used an old belt buckle that my mom had saved in a sewing kit from one of my fathers old belts. It is a simple tarnished gold buckle but it worked perfectly for what I needed. I made a dress I wanted to make a belt for and I happened to have bought some craft cord at Hobby Lobby for another project and had enough to make a belt to go with my me made dress.

The process was quite simple and one you can find anywhere with a simple search of “macrame belt diy”; measurements, however are hard to find. I used my waist size five times plus about six inches for the tail end of the belt. Then I took that and doubled it to make sure I had more than enough. I took that doubled number and cut out two pieces of cord that length. After attaching the cording to the buckle with a larks head knot, I continued the belt with double knots all the way down. To finish the belt, I tied simple surgeon’s knots and weaved the cording back through some of the knots and fused it on the back of the belt using a match (my cording was heat fusible).

This belt turns out to be perfect for my dress and delicate yet tough looking. I am absolutely in love.

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