Button Up Pleated Skirt

For this look I created a button up pleated skirt. I chose to go with a longer length because it really isn’t my style. I didn’t think I would like it but it turned out AMAZING. I really wanted to make mine different since it was a part of a monthly challenge on Instagram known as @sewyourview. During this challenge, a pattern is chosen by the Admin of the page and anyone that wants to join makes their own interpretation of the pattern. Initially, I wanted to make it just red but then I decided I wanted to color block it.

The pattern that was chosen was M7906 by McCall Pattern Company. To color block the skirt I folded each pattern piece in half and cut each side in a different color. I also made sure to add a ⅝” seam allowance to the pieces I cut so that I can sew them back together to make it one piece.

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After I cut each half and sewed them back together to make it one piece I transferred the marking from the pattern using tailors chalk.

Once I had all my Markings transfered I followed the pattern instructions to put it all together.

I did have a hard time with this skirt as the two fabrics were very thick and could barely make it through my serger. The wait band (on the inside) is basically finagled in there but I made it work! I had already chosen some wicker look buttons for the front of the skirt in a sandy color to give it a natural look, plus I already had a certain look in mind, olive green and browns with the red to give it a POP.

I really enjoyed making this even though it got a little frustrating with the thickness of the fabrics. I love the pleats and the length because it gives the skirt a retro and flirty look and the color block gives it a bad ass Harley Quinn vibe.

Hope you all enjoyed this look as much as I did!.

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