Birthday Sewing: Bonus Sneak Peek!

You have made it to the last and FINAL sneak peek of my “Birthday sewing” series! Hooray! If you haven’t seen the others just hit that previous button at the bottom of the page until you see sneak peek one to start at the beginning.
For this one, I really wanted a jumper type of outfit. About a month ago I posted some jumpers on my instagram stories as inspo pics and I also posted that I found a pattern I really wanted to make one of the particular jumpers. Here is the original inspo picture:
With that, I went searching for patterns online and came across a pattern that fit and omitted the buttons down the front, because originally I didn’t want to do buttons due to my inexperience with them. Before I get into the pattern; however, I wanted to show you all the fabric I chose.
I have been IN LOVE with this fabric since I saw a fellow “sewist” make skirts with it about 4 years ago. I had forgotten all about it until I ran into it again at Joann’s over the holidays (I am not affiliated with Joann’s but just in case you want to buy this fabric click that link) . It was way too expensive for me since I am spoiled by my discount fabric store so I never bought it. When I decided to do the birthday sewing series, I wanted to pick up a couple of patterns and see if I could find the jumper pattern since every store I went to seemed to be out of it (its an older pattern). I finally found it at Joann’s and this fabric was also there, I hesitated to pay $14.99 a yard but it’s my birthday so I spoiled myself some more. It must have been meant to be because there was only one and a half yards left on the bolt, which was exactly what I needed! Now, let’s get into the pattern!
Newlook 6509! Right when I saw this pattern I KNEW it was one I NEEDED for my birthday. There are so many options on this pattern it is amazing and VIEW A was the perfect view to make my inspo picture. Then I went with View D instead. I figured a romper was a better choice for all the walking I would do (never really thought about bathroom problems) and some skin would be out the side, I mean it’s going to be hot. I am not a big fan of wearing skirts much either unless they are maxi skirts (but I will be making the dress one down the road).  One thing I can say about this pattern is that there is a lot of ease on the top portion of this romper while the bottom for me was pretty fitted. I need to learn to grade patterns for a perfect fit!
This romper was perfect for my vision and I managed to attach my FIRST invisible zipper AND make my FIRST EVER buttonholes! I found some beautiful iridescent buttons at Joann’s as well to add to my romper. However, the romper needed more. It needed a pop. I headed over to my favorite fabric store to look for rhinestones but they didn’t have any! I did luck up on some sparkly FRINGE to add to it. The woman in the store caught me trying to match fringe to my romper top. I was looking at blues and she told me that it needed MORE pop and to get a red instead. I listened and it popped so much I was sold right away. Here is a tiny sneak peek straight from my Instagram stories of the button and some fringe to hold you over until the final post (lol).
Once again, thank you for making it this far. I will be back at the end of January with the last post of this series. I hope you all join me then!
In the meantime, follow me on INSTAGRAM @mssew_itall to see these looks ahead of time.

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