Birthday Sewing: Sneak Peek 2

Welcome to sneak peek number 2! For this second one, I actually bought a pattern a while ago and haven’t used it, so it has been on my “to sew” list for a little while. The fabric was a thicker satin type of fabric that frays easily and was extremely slippery to work with but I was able to manage. The fabric was bought at the same store as the first sneak peek fabric but it was originally supposed to be the lining for the project I am going to be attempting to finish in February.
I never really liked floral patterns until about last year. I really liked the pink flowers against the dark blue background and I didn’t even notice the butterflies!
The pattern I used was Simplicity 8601 and it was a really easy to sew pattern except for the slippery fabric I decided to use. I elected to go with view B withe the pom pom sleeves but instead of pom poms (because I couldn’t find nice ones) I used a floral trim I had laying around.
Once the shirt was completed I thought it was really “old lady-ish” and wasn’t very happy with it but my husband convinced me i looked good in it and then I actually started to like it, specially with the white shorts I plan on wearing with it (I told you all this is simple fashion). I also wasn’t too fond of the line right down the middle of the shirt BUT after awhile you don’t even notice. If I do make this pattern again I will make sure to do better at pattern matching so there aren’t any chopped flowers in the front. Believe it or not, the back of this shirt looks way better because of the placement of the flowers. With that, I will ask you all to join me again on Birthday Sewing Sneak Peek 3 also coming very soon and for all the looks in one blog at the end of January.  Thanks for reading!

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