Birthday Sewing: Sneak Peek 1

First of all, if you all haven’t noticed my blog is going through some changes. Right now it is in a rough patch as I take new and NICE stock photos for my different pages so please bare with me as I reconstruct my blog.
SO for my first “sneak peek”, I have some colorful cotton cheetah print fabric that I bought at my local fabric store for $3.99 a yard. I do most of my fabric shopping at a fabric store called Sewfisticated Discount Fabrics ( I am not affiliated with this store, I just love it) They buy their fabric direct and sell it at extremely low prices. Sometimes you get lucky and find the items you would find at the bigger name fabric stores for three times the price for MUCH cheaper here. The down sides are, they don’t always restock your favorite fabrics, they don’t cut it very straight and you may not always find EXACTLY what you are looking for. But if you are like me and like to let the fabric store talk to you, then this is your place. I usually go in there with a very broad requirement and usually come out with something nice. While the store for me is GREAT, not everyone will like how they run and unfortunately they do not have a website and are only located in Massachusetts.
The festival I am going to for my birthday In Puerto Rico, I have heard, is full of culture and color and music. So for this I decided to make the color cheetah print fabric into some type of skirt. I also wanted it to be very colorful so that I can take pictures on a street in Old San Juan covered with colorful umbrellas! For this skirt I used New Look Pattern A6103. This pattern has been laying around since I was like 17. My mother originally bought it to try and teach me but we never got around to it and this year, I finally decided to give it a go.
20190111_221030 (1)
Now if you follow my Instagram you have already seen the skirt I made and how proud I was about my first OFFICIAL zipper. I used View B of the pattern and instead of cutting it with the curves for the border, I cut it straight and added a ruffle to the bottom. I wasn’t originally going to blog these items so I have already made them; however, you will be getting a sneak peek into what I will be wearing on my birthday vacation. With that said, I hope you all will join me on the next “sneak peek” post being posted very soon!

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