Mom Bods, Hot Bods (Mint Wish Review/ Haul Video Link)

I hope you all enjoyed my little DIY video linked in my previous blog because today will also be a little different. It is definitely still along the lines of self love because it is all about doing what I love. I have recently joined a website called Mint Wish. It is an up and coming online boutique that sells really cute clothes. I have ALWAYS been into simple fashion. I have always had an eye for what goes well together and dressing up nicely. Over the years, I have lost touch with that side of me and I want to bring it back because it made me feel good and I loved it. I didn’t look cute to impress anyone but myself.
I have never been too much into makeup but I do throw on the occasional eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara. The one thing I have always been into has been putting outfits together. I have always loved simple fashion ( I am not into high fashion at all). I love everyday items that can also be versatile but my favorite seasons have to be summer clothes and fall clothes.
Another thing I wanted to touch on is how people think moms should dress. No, a mom does not need to cover up her battle scars, her loose belly, her stretch marks. A mom can be covered from head to toe or wear a mini skirt and a crop top. There is no right or wrong way for a mom to dress. The way we dress does not determine what kind of parent we are. I know my kids see me in crop tops and shorts all the time (at least this summer). I believe it will show my kids to respect a woman and her choice of clothing. If anyone has a problem with the way I dress or my skin showing then they can walk around with their eyes closed because it’s not changing. I touched on the mom belly a bit on the video but I wanted to make it clear that one of the main reasons I stopped “Dressing nice” was because of the stigma behind the way a mom is supposed to look; the “snap back” and then compared to what a “beautiful body” looks like. I NEVER snapped back and the size I am now is because I dedicated myself to doing at home workouts. I started these workouts well before December, quitting for a couple months in between and I mean really quitting and getting down on myself. I have been many shapes and sizes but now I am going to enjoy myself no matter what I look like and I hope all you moms out there do too!
So about Mint Wish, I was a little afraid to order but they offered me a discount so I went ahead and used my paypal. I had never heard of this site before and I know that paypal makes it safe for you to shop online. I ordered six items and they were delivered in “two” days. I put two in quotes because of labor day and the weekend it took a little longer, understandably. I ordered on August 30th and by the 31st my order was shipped! Processing was super quick and I was super excited when my package came in via USPS on Tuesday the 4th of September, right on time. All of the clothing fit well, I usually wear a medium so I ordered all medium and they all fit well. One thing I will mention is that one of the tops I ordered said “one size”, I believe it will fit only up to a Large because the bottom hem is a bit fitted on me and I am a Medium. The hem does have stretch to it and it could just be me because of how I like my items to fit. If you watch the video it will be the greenish crop top I try on.
So far, I believe that I will keep ordering from Mint Wish once they get all the cute tops I want back in stock or course! If you would like to give Mint Wish a try, click on my link and use my code to save 20% off your purchase! Also check out the YouTube video on my mini haul from Mint Wish HERE!
Let me know what your experience is ordering from Mint Wish, if you do place an order, in the comments below! Also, tell me what season is your favorite for fashion!
Thank you for reading!
Website: (use code Diaz20 at checkout)
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  1. Miguel Acevedo
    September 5, 2018 / 9:31 pm

    I absolutely love this for so many reasons. Yes, you look amazing and having the confidence to move forward with this is great. Also, going back to something you enjoy and makes you feel happy and feel like yourself is awesome. But the main thing for me is that you are going to instill confidence in other mom’s out there that would otherwise be shy or insecure about being themselves basically! Love it

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