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Today’s blog is an answer to everyone that always asks me how I got started in my hobby of sewing. To all those that have been my friend for a very long time, you all know that I have always been very into crafting and creating. It has always been something I have been in to. The satisfaction of creating something, even just a bubble letter drawing, makes you feel pretty accomplished even if just for the day. I know I touched on this in a previous blog.
It all started with headbands (which I still make here and there), then it turned into jewelry. Then, one day after my workout, I decided it would be really cool if I could make my own workout leggings. This was five and a half years ago and I asked my mom to let me borrow a machine and to teach me how to thread it. I scoured YouTube for tutorials on how to make leggings and I came across a few. One from MimiG, who taught me how to take my favorite leggings and turn them into a pattern for more, I even took a look at Threadbangers video on how to make yoga pants. Watching them construct their pants motivated me. I set off to use the threadbanger way which was basically “cloning” my leggings on the fabric, cutting and sewing. It was quicker and easier, I didn’t realize I actually needed experience to do this. My leggings came out about 3 sizes too small! I was bad at maneuvering the machine and I was horrible at even knowing what seam allowance was.
I decided that I would take the longer path and make the patterns for the leggings. Voila! My leggings came out perfect (for a beginner). My mom then suggested I take a sewing class. I ended up at the Elliot school for a beginners sewing class. They taught you how to maneuver a sewing machine and how to gauge a seam on the machine. They even taught me how to read a basic store bought pattern! Of course I continued to learn on Google and YouTube. My top favorites were Meesha (R.I.P. you beautiful soul) and Britxbrat, for easy to make DIYs and even some intermediate.
Most people I follow usually say that sewing stretch material is difficult but that is what I learned with and it is my comfort zone in sewing. I am not 100% a pro, I still consider myself a beginner. I have a tough time taking people’s measurements and translating that into a non-stretch fabric -that is my weakness. I can’t sew non-stretch unless I have a pattern and I have a tough time working from measurements, but I still manage to create wearable everyday clothing.
I have started a YouTube where I will be posting easy DIY crafts and maybe even get into some sewing lessons. The really simple basics such as sewing a straight line (sounds easy but it is super hard). I may even have a class with my bestie, where I guide her through a simple project that you can follow along with. For now, I have posted my FIRST tutorial on an easy, NO SEW pouch to get your creative juices flowing. Take a look and try it out, you may surprise yourself.
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