I Don't Want to Deal With it


The phrase “I don’t want to deal with it” I’m sure has killed more opportunities than anything else on this planet. Why are people so afraid to deal with the difficult moments in their lives? Why do they decide to just throw them off to the side instead of actually dealing with it and seeing if they have a better opportunity this way? People just decide to give up instead of trying, people decide not to deal with it instead of “dealing with it” and seeing the outcome. The worst that can happen is nothing and you’re already putting yourself at Nothing by not wanting to deal with the issues or the difficult/ challenging. I’m going to give a few examples and they probably will hit home for some people and it’ll probably get personal but me as a person that loves these people I’m tired of seeing people decide to throw their own lives to the side just because they want it to be easy. The best things in life are not easy to get, everything must be worked for and that is including myself because I sometimes to get lazy. Let me take that back it’s not sometimes, I get lazy a lot I know I can do better but I don’t. Why? Because I’ve watched people not feel like “dealing with it” whole life and sometimes you just want to do the same thing. But I can’t blame others for my laziness either I can take it upon myself to get out of this rut too. At the end of the day if you don’t deal with it who’s going to deal with it for you? Nobody’s going to take your difficult times and make them disappear. No one’s going to feel bad for you at the end when you have horrible outcomes because you decided to not deal with your problems. Nobody’s going to have sympathy for you, everybody’s just going to say, “well they were too lazy to deal with their issues so now they have even more issues” or “now they are stuck where they are because they didn’t want to deal with the initial problem, ITS NO BODY’S FAULT BUT THEIRS!”

To the people in my life that decide that they can’t deal with teaching themselves how to learn online. That “oh it’s something you can do but it’s not something I can do, I must sit in a classroom / I can’t deal with learning online it’s too difficult for me”. Guess what? I thought the same thing, I wanted my degree, I’m not trying to rub this in anybody’s face, but I wanted it so bad to prove people wrong, not even because of the education, but because I wanted to show people that I can do it too. That’s why I taught myself, I beat myself up to get this degree online I taught myself how to learn online. I thought I needed a classroom too and it was hard as hell! I asked people for help all the time and procrastinated a lot. But you know what? at the end of it all I learned what hard work really was, and it wasn’t learning in a classroom or proving myself as a “hard worker” in my work place. It was achieving something I wanted through any means necessary. I dealt with a whole bunch of stuff including near homelessness and my mission to find my family who I couldn’t communicate with after the hurricane hit Puerto Rico during this time too. But I made it, I got my degree after thinking that I couldn’t learn online. I got it and I surprised myself. Why? Because I decided that I was going to deal with the issues of not being able to learn online, of “needing” a classroom. I didn’t need the classroom all I needed was to want something bad enough and the motivation to do it and that’s it. I feel like people don’t want it bad enough to do it, so they decide not to deal with it. When it comes to issues like this they decide that “oh I’ll just wait till I can go to campus” but guess what, life is going to keep getting in your way and if the only way that you can get this opportunity is online then do it! Don’t wait, don’t throw it off to the side, just do it.

Another example of not wanting to deal with it is selling yourself short. You settle for the little bit that is given to you because you don’t want to deal with the issues of getting what you deserve, when you know you deserve something more. When you settle for less you will never be TRULY happy, you will never feel accomplished, settling for Less is the “I don’t want to deal with it” excuse for feeling sorry for yourself later on. You say “I don’t want to deal with it” now but a few years down the line you’re going to wish you would have dealt with it. You’re going to talk about how nobody was there for you, how nobody helped you. Well guess what you didn’t want to do anything for yourself either because you didn’t want to “deal with it”. So, don’t expect others to do stuff for you and “deal with it” for you when you don’t want to “deal with it” yourself. This applies to many things like job offers or a raise at your job that you know you deserve. But you’re not going to fight your boss for it. OR an offer on your home where you know your home is worth more money, but you don’t want to “deal with it” so you just take whatever offer they give you first. I love you all, but I can’t love that you sell yourself short, I’m sure you don’t love yourself for that either.

People dealing with feeling sick. Now you feel certain symptoms that you know you should probably get checked but you don’t want to deal with going to the doctor’s, you don’t want to have to deal with the wait, you don’t want to have to deal with having to take the day off from work. So, you decide that you’re just going to take two Tylenols and call it a night. You decide “oh I don’t feel that sick I’m not going to go to the doctors”. Why? Why not get yourself checked out even if it turns out to be something that’s not a big deal? It’s worth going to get checked out if you’re concerned about it. Why not deal with a remedy now then have to fight with a cure later? Why not quit your nasty habits now, instead of waiting to get diagnosed with a disease that is either incurable or can cost thousands of dollars to cure? Why deal with something that you know you can avoid by a simple check-up, or by a few visits, or whatever it is that you need to do instead of waiting till later when it’s too late, When you’re in a walker or when you’re in a treatment facility or when you’re bedridden? Why wait till then? Why suffer when you can fix it now if it’s something that’s fixable? Why not deal with it now? why wait till it’s too late or why wait till it’s going to be a bigger struggle for you to deal with?

“If you can’t take care of yourself who will?”

People that don’t want to deal with arguments with other people because it’s just “too awkward” or “I don’t like to argue” but you know that the people are doing you wrong. Like for example they’re taking advantage of you they’re living with you they’re not paying your bills. But you’re going ahead and helping them out with everything paying their bills maybe. It sounds like a parent-child relationship, or your boyfriend/ girlfriend. Where that person is an adult and can take care of themselves, but they keep taking advantage of you over and over to the point where you can barely pay your own bills. But you don’t want to argue with them, you don’t want to make them feel bad. But they are adults! I’m a mom and I’m sorry but if I know my children can take care of themselves then I’m going to tell them to take care of themselves! I’m always going to be there for my kids, but I also must live and take care of myself because if I can’t take care of myself how am I supposed to take care of anybody else? I as a mother can understand that with a child it can be difficult, but if your ADULT child is spending THEIR MONEY on video games and car parts but NOT helping you pay bills, it’s time to tell them that you can only do so much. If a BOYFRIEND treats you like this as well then you need to DEAL with this problem ASAP. In both situations, what happens when you can no longer help? YOU WILL BE THE BAD GUY. So why not be the bad guy NOW and not wait until it gets out of hand? Not only will you help yourself you will help the other person in the process by teaching them that they must take care of themselves as well.

I am so sick of hearing “I don’t want to deal with it” the most we shouldn’t want to deal with is like bad weather or something. Like “oh my gosh it’s raining outside today I really don’t want to get soaking wet” but if your goals are in the middle of that rain and you want them bad you will get soaked to reach those goals. That is if you were the type of person to want to deal with the stuff that’s hard and difficult in your life. If not, then you’re just going to sit here and once the rain goes away your goals are going to go with it because you waited too long to get them.

This rant was brought to you by my fed-up-Ness (yes I made that up) with everybody that decides they don’t want to deal with something because it’s not convenient to them and then complain that they don’t have what they want later on in life. Then they want to place blame on others instead of looking back at all the wrong they have done to themselves. By the people who know they keep messing up and continue to do it and complain. Remember not everybody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes but if you take those mistakes and let them become your life then that mistake becomes something you wanted and not something you did by accident


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