Guest Post: Nobody Likes You

Today I have another guest post from my husband. I am constantly talking about people around me and how they act when it comes to me. I always wonder why people act the way they do with me, more specifically my female friends. I have had a couple of friends whom I brought really close to me and then had to push really far away because of how they would act with me. It’s really hard to explain and I think about it sometimes and it does make me sad to an extent, but I always remind myself that its for the better. Sometimes it’s better not to associate yourself with certain people no matter how much you love them. Here is what my husband sent me regarding this situation.
Nobody likes you
Let’s just be honest
And it’s quite simple
They are jealous
You are beautiful
You are strong
You are happy
You are yourself
You are elegant
You are bold
You are talented
You are creative
You have flaws but
You are confident
You are open and
You are sexy
The people that don’t like you are jealous of you and your life. They want what you have. They want what you are. You don’t hold back and you let people know when they are wrong. People don’t have the guts to be you or the confidence but they want to, so they don’t like you. People get the wrong impression. Your confidence and shyness together comes off as arrogant or stuck-up. Your smile is true and beautiful. Your attitude is real and warranted. People don’t understand you but the ones who don’t like you choose not to understand.
Yes, nobody likes you and it sucks. They don’t know you. What you have been through and endured has built that strength. Your beautiful smile shines through all that. You deserve to be happy and nobody has to understand why. The people who like you, love you because they have put the effort to understand why you are so amazing.
Nobody likes you but
It’s on them
You are amazing and
They are missing out but
Don’t forget I like you

“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s okay. You are here to live your life not to make everyone understand.”

I feel like a lot of us go through situations where you tell a friend your good news and instead they decide not to cheer you on or they make you question how “good” your news REALLY is. The piece of writing my husband sent me is completely from his point of view but I think it can apply to all of the people going through similar situations. You can’t always make everyone happy but you CAN choose what will make YOU happy, even if that means letting go of those toxic friends. Not everyone deserves your greatness either.


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