Who is The PR Environmentalist?

Hello everyone and thank you for joining me here at The PR Environmentalist! My name is Andrea Diaz, I am Puerto Rican and I am based in Massachusetts. I am married and have two children. While the PR in my name is meant to represent “PUERTO RICAN” it also represents public relations.
I started this blog as a means to get my ideas out there in the world. I want to make a connection between the environment and our inner selves. We all know that there is a lot of science out there that says we are killing our planet with pollution and how we are disconnected from our natural resources due to the wide use of technology. Although I have a degree in Environmental Science, I am NO EXPERT.
BUT…. The EARTH is NOT the ONLY environment we live in. Our MENTAL environment and our PHYSICAL (body) environment are also places we tend to feel stuck in or full of pollution. The constant thinking of how people perceive us and how people think we should look. Societal standards in themselves can be a hard environment to live in. So this blog is going to be dedicated to loving ourselves and the many different environments we live in.
I have worked many years in customer service and have come across many different people. I have been through some traumatic events that no one really knows about but have healed through or found the best means of coping through them for me. I have dealt with racism and even near homelessness. I have been mad and have forgiven and learned that you don’t always have to forgive. Everyone deals with life their own way and that is perfectly okay. I like to deal with my life in a humorous, sarcastic and sometimes ranting manner, but above all, after the storm of feelings, I am always very thoughtful and try to view it all from a different perspectives (unless it makes no sense we all know people have those moments). I also tend to be pretty socially awkward but that is just part of what makes me who I am.
I tend to have many opinions on issues and situations and the way people think now a days. I have questioned myself over the past few years asking why I am so critical and why people do not like that I question everything, this comes so naturally to me. There are many things a person goes through to make them the way they are and I hope to build a community of love and understanding and more importantly a safer and cleaner environment where everyone can just be themselves – no BS.
This blog will have a collection of opinion pieces, maybe even a few rants hopefully some guest posts and many more things to come including anger, sadness, sex, “flaws” and everything that makes us human. Please join me in this journey to self love and acceptance of not just MYSELF but EACH OTHER.
**Please look out for my soon to come Facebook page and private group, I will also be restructuring my Public IG account to house both my hobbies and blog posts.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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